NEW YOGA IN NOVEMBER! at Spirit In The Heart Martial Arts & Wellness, Easthampton, MA


Mindful Motion Mission 

Moment to moment we are physically, emotionally and spiritually transforming.

As the poet Dante wrote well:

In the middle of the journey of our life I came to a dark wood 

where the straight way was lost.

When one comes to feel that they have lost their straight way, strength  or focus, 

Mindful Motion can assist you with life-changing practice tools. 

Founder of Mindful Motion Yoga, Judy Messer, has a mission to work with individual minds that want to heal, restore and empower themselves to move on their life path destiny,

 shining their authentic warrior heart light, in one's sacred balance.



As a part of my sacred balance I have been creatively reflecting and expressing through the mediums of photography and painting for over 38 years now. 

Please click here to: 

View an introduction to my portfolios

Arrange a consultation to discuss your visual / emotional wishes for art

Establish a private or group photography class 

 Custom design contracts are also available.


Pickle Ball Cross fitness! Now coaching in the valley!

For all you Pickle Ball lovers! Let's train! As a personal fitness trainer, yoga therapist, martial artist and Pickle Ball enthusiast myself,  I would love the opportunity to privately or in small groups, work with you to accomplish your personal physical, emotional, intellectual goals as a Pickle Baller. Whether you play for pleasure or professionally. 

We will cultivate a training program deriving from traditional & contemporary fitness, Pilates, and Yoga practices that will meet you where you are at. Your gym, Smith Gym, on the court, and or trails. Let the games begin!




July 2020!

BODY & WATER prana flow retreat

woman warriors restored & powered

Paddle Board

 Yoga, Pilates & Meditation

August 2020!


HEART & ART  Yoga Retreat

Yoga meditation, movement, wisdom pathways to the creative self expression. 

Private Fitness Training


For a deeper productive practice 

All contemporary Fitness, 

Yoga for fitness, Zen Body Barr, Pilates, or Conditioning Boxing 

  • In nature
  •  in your home  
  • in your gym
  • on the trails 

Holistic Coaching


 We will incorporate ancient and contemporary yoga, martial arts & fitness methods to create therapeutic pathways for your personal goals

Working together with integrative therapeutic methods to write "the new plan" when you decide to embark on training for a marathon, maintaing fitness or when life challenges you with injuries, addictions, loss or disease. 

Corporate Workshops & Classes


Cultivating wellness in your workplace by bridging personal and professional balance.



I Come To You!

Customizing classes that take part on location during special events or in your home, garden or pool side. 



I am now offering Reiki attuning and education workshops 

or blissful on location Reiki balancing sessions.


800hr RYT registered Yoga Teacher, IAYT International Alliance Yoga Therapist, PT Personal Fitness Trainer, Advanced Boxing Certification, Master Reiki Teacher, Pilates Mat Level 2, Sensei Shorin RYU Karate


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Ask away, share your goals, or send me inspiration to pass on... namaste -


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